Talking TBR

I’ve seen a few posts recently about TBR piles lists & they got me thinking about mine – I have several!


So here’s my ‘To Be Read’ books by numbers:

Goodreads – 201

Amazon wish list – 393

Kindle – 370

Book most recently added?


Book on my TBR the longest?


Book on my TBR that everyone recommends?

Yes, lots! Most of the recent additions to my TBR are recommendations from other authors or blogs.

I really should make an effort to read the books I’ve already bought but my finger seems to have a mind of its own when it comes to that one-click button 🙂

Is your TBR list out of control? What’s your magic TBR number?


About Liz Bower

Liz Bower is a contemporary romance author, Lancashire girl, & self-confessed coffee addict. She's always searching for the next HEA to read!
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