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After several glasses of champagne, she gave up trying to join in and just listened. Emma sounded happy, and that was really all Vicky needed to know. Clumsily, she got to her feet and weaved her way to the ladies’ room. When she walked back out, someone grabbed her arm and dragged her backwards into the darkened corner.

Opening her mouth to scream, a hand clamped over it and she felt a puff of warm air by her ear. She could tell by the smell of bittersweet coffee mingled with beer that it was James.

“Don’t say a word. Just hear me out.” He pressed her back against the wall and caged her in with a hand on either side of her head. His hips pinned her in place and when she looked up at him, his jaw was clenched, the muscle in his cheek twitching. He’s mad at me?

Before he said anything, she pushed her palms against his chest. “No.” He took a step back as her anger flared. “You don’t get to laugh at me, to look down on me, and then think you call the shots. No.” Shoving him, he stumbled back, and she took the chance to escape.

Emma looked up as she sat back down next to her. “You okay?”

“Fine. Why?”

“You look a bit flustered, that’s all.”

“Nope, I’m fine,” Vicky said, finishing the champagne in her glass. Helping herself to another, she was so annoyed with herself for saying anything to James. Maybe I really am going crazy.

Taking a sip of the champagne, she turned to see Matt and Emma kissing. She glanced over to where Rob and Jess were tongue-duelling too.

Placing her full glass back on the table, she walked towards the exit. Emma wouldn’t notice, and frankly, she’d had enough of happy couples for one night.


About Liz Bower

Liz Bower is a contemporary romance author, Lancashire girl, & self-confessed coffee addict. She's always searching for the next HEA to read!
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