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I’m finishing up the final edits on book 3, Vision in Faith, before it goes to my editor on July 1st. I’m so excited to share the last book in the Legends of the North series with you and will be doing a cover reveal on the 12th of July!

I can’t wait to finish the series (I only have five other book ideas waiting to be started so far!) but it’s also a little sad too. It’s been a huge learning curve publishing my first book -my first series. I’m sure I’ve made mistakes, but I’ve also made a lot of friends along the way and had some fun.

So as the end of the series nears, I thought I’d share my Top 10 favourite moments of the Legends of the North series:

Vision in Love – Book one

1. When Matt and Emma meet for the first time at the museum.VisionInLoveSmallerWebUse

2. Emma’s vision where she is wearing a wedding dress.

3. When Jess comes home drunk.

4. Matt and Emma exchanging gifts on Christmas Eve.

5. When Matt is in the graveyard and he sees his gran as a young woman.

Vision in Trust – Book two

VisionInTrustSmallerWebUseUpdated6. Jess’s vision with the peacock.

7. Girls’ night out – where Vicky and James meet for the first time.

8. The night Jess and Rob play truth or lie.

9. When Jess finally starts to open up to Rob.

10. After Jess is attacked.


What are yours? I’d love to know!


About Liz Bower

Liz Bower is a contemporary romance author, Lancashire girl, & self-confessed coffee addict. She's always searching for the next HEA to read!
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