5th January

I promised to keep you updated on my progress on Book #2 of the Legends of the North trilogy – Vision in Trust.  Here’s a little clue…


Today I finished writing the first draft of Vision in Trust, 3 weeks ahead of schedule!  Tomorrow I’m going to start writing Book #3 & avoid editing Vision in Trust until at least February!

1st January 2016


Happy New Year!!

Looking back over 2015, it seems to have been a long year. A year of new beginnings – I started writing my first book, created my website and work on my second book is well under way. It was a year of hard work, which was completely worth it as the New Year begins.

2016 is the year I hope to publish not only my first book–Vision in Love–but also the second and final book of the trilogy that will be the Legends of the North.

I wish you all well in your endeavours for 2016 and that you achieve all that you strive for. Have a happy and healthy 2016!

from Liz


About Liz Bower

Liz Bower is a contemporary romance author, Lancashire girl, & self-confessed coffee addict. She's always searching for the next HEA to read!
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