Romeo & Juliet

Author: William Shakespeare

Format: Paperback

Pages: 240 pages

ISBN: 9781499399400

Published: May 8th 2014

The Beautiful Reader's Editions presents William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet with gorgeous illustrations and easy-to-read typography. This volume delights the eye and lovingly frames the poetic beauty of the classic play. The text is a restored version of the 1599 2nd Quarto. The 2nd Quarto was considered the first "good" published version of Romeo and Juliet and was printed during Shakespeare's lifetime. Verses that had wandered away over the centuries have been given their proper place. Jokes that blushing Victorian hands edited or removed have been brought back to their full baudy glory. This is both the play you know and love, and a play you have never read before. The book is a reader's paradise and cleans away much of the traditional academic fluff and detritis. It focuses on the rich humor and poetic jewels of the brilliant original and avoids, as far as possible, pedantic literary selfies inserted by nervous, pre-tenure dons and donas. It is the perfect gift for the bardophile in your life and will be a treasured addition to any library.

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