Le Collier de la Reine: Volume 1

Author: Alexandre Dumas

Format: Paperback

Language: French

ISBN: 9780785933137

Published: October 1st 1989

A sequel to the "Mémoires d'un Médecin," and the second of the "Marie-Antoinette Series."
Written in collaboration with Auguste Maquet.
The picturesque tragedy of the diamond necklace, so much written of, is here narrated in Dumas' best style. Period 1784-1785.
In a brief introduction Dumas refers to the Revolution of 1848, just accomplished, and to his foretelling of it in 1832, in "Gaule et France." Interesting comparison might well be made with passages in the author's journal, "Le Mois." (See page 236.)
The prologue is borrowed from La Harpe's "Prophétie de Cazotte," but Dumas has instilled into it a vast deal more spirit and life. It is curious to note that Bulwer Lytton also uses La Harpe's clever work, but with far less skill than the original possesses, in his "Zanoni."
This is generally classed as the last of the most famous or "great" novels in which Maquet collaborated ; it is a very fine piece of work, and is usually considered to be a favourite with English readers. Certainly it moves steadily and uninterruptedly to its conclusion, and there are not too many threads to be followed.
It first appeared as a feuilleton in "La Presse."
Original edition: Paris, Cadot, II vols., 8vo., 1849-50.

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